Welcome to featherHook.com

Welcome to featherHook.com

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thai One On

Thai One On from Cinema Digital Productions on Vimeo.
Filmmaker Travis Lowe and the crew from MFC stopped off for some R&R in Bangkok on their way to the jungles of Northern Thailand.
Deep in the pristine jungle of northern Thailand lies the River of Reflection. Named for it's crystal clear water, the river is home to the legendary Mahseer. A species first prized by British anglers in the days of the Raj for its phenomenal fight. Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers as they work with local Karen villagers to protect the entire 60km length of the river. Hoping to open up the River of Reflection as a world class destination fishery. And in the process, help bring desperately needed money to the cash starved Karen villagers. A feat that may require a witch doctor, a spirit curse and quite possibly the introduction of mahseer fish aquaculture. But every Thai odyssey begins and ends in Bangkok, the City of Life. And like Adam Trina says "the 'Kok's a cruel mistress and if you don't treat her right, you're in for a big surprise when you lift up that skirt".

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