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Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Films: GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Brazil

GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Brazil by Costa Sunglasses 2,999 views 8 hours ago http://bit.ly/geobassbrz #GEOBASS Season 2: Brazil premieres at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, SC. After criss crossing the planet last year in a quest to locate and catch unique bass species, the four GEOBASS anglers are back at it in 2015!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Films: XBOUNDARY

A large-scale open-pit mining boom is underway in northwest British Columbia, Canada. The size and location of the mines--at the headwaters of major salmon rivers that flow across the border into Alaska--has Alaskans concerned over risks posed to their $2b fishing and tourism industries and unique way of life. These concerns were heightened with the Aug 4, 2014 catastrophic tailings dam failure at nearby Mt. Polley Mine in the Fraser River watershed. 
Xboundary from Salmon Beyond Borders on Vimeo.

Monday, December 22, 2014

One End of Year Fundraising Call You Should Answer: Utah Stream Access Coalition

I know it’s the peak of the holiday fundraising season for the hoard of worthy conservation and advocacy groups out there. Please carve a little out of your holiday budget to give generously (even if it’s five or ten bucks) to groups doing good work you value.
There’s one group I’d encourage you, even beg you, to consider helping out right now – the Utah Stream Access Coalition.
THIS MORNING their legal team is in court for a third hearing on their Provo (right-to-use) case, with a trial to potentially follow shortly. Their Weber (navigable-for-title) case is coming up for a 4-day trial in early February 2015.
We’ve been honking on about access for years in Montana and Utah in particular; it’s an issue near and dear to us and critical for all fishers everywhere who cherish the ability to get on and in waters they love, near and far.
AT_Winter2014Access regs are under assault around the country and it was GREAT to see Kirk Deeter step up to the access plate in the latest issue of Angling Trade magazine; every fisher should read his Let’s Stop Messing Around on Utah article today.
KD brought up a number of great points in his piece, one of which is that the monied interests (Goliath) are bleeding USAC (David) dry in the prolonged legal wrangling; he suggests we truly mobilize the industry, raising more than needed to fight a good fight, and get it done.
We couldn’t agree more.
Please donate here. These legal battles aren’t cheap, even with some astoundingly generous legal work being donated to the cause in Utah.
If the privatization interests win in Utah they’ll be knocking on other state’s doors soon. Carving out rational, fair and equitable access regs in Utah will go a long way toward stemming future assaults on access around the country.
Let’s get it done.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Derek DeYoung - Trout Artist


He is known for his artistic contributions to equipment manufacturers Simms and Abel Reels and note worthy causes such as to the Utah Stream Access Coalition. 
Oil painting 
Derek paints in oils on linen cloth with an easily recognizable style. He is fascinated by the different patterns and colors found on the trout, especially if you look a little closer at them.Favorite fish is brown trout. 
Dream Job
Derek was recently in Norway with his wife, Janell, to sell paintings and create publicity around Flyfish Europe's stand at the Wilderness Fair. He has long lived of the paintings and in 2008 chose Simms Flyfishing and let the artist works adorn t-shirts, hats, and not least on the spool marked Abel.
Lifestyle as an artist and fisherman passport he well and in 2012 he and his wife decided to turn it into a family business. Now she produces re-prints, mugs, mouse mats, mobile cover and cups with the man's artwork on which she sells on-line and various fairs and worthy causes including to the Utah Stream Access Coalition and their recent "Art for Access" campaign.
You will find the artwork online here: DerekDeyoung.com

Janell DeYoung, Photo: Anders Dahl Eriksen  
He has the royalty of the products with Simms and Abel that bears his art, but the main income comes from direct sales of actual paintings. 
- Favorite Fishing has long been my dry fly fishing for trout, but I like everything kind of fishing, not just fly fishing. I have fished since I was a little kid and fly fishing are a natural part of me, but I do not mind going to either drain or bait if there is the option. Most of the fishing I do take place in Yellowstone in Montana and what I love most is fuefiske with imitations of land insects like grasshoppers, ants and beetles. I use fishing to find inspiration for art. It was only when I started painting trout dots, that I understood how different fishes are and how much color they have. I want people to look differently at the fish after having looked at my paintings.  
He glances at the photograph that inspires the painting he is doing.  
- This is a sea trout, I have never painted before.
Photo: Anders Dahl Eriksen

Asked about the prettiest fish painting he replied quickly;
- Brown Trout. Especially those with yellow belly and huge colorful dots.  
Anders Dahl Eriksen 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Films: Carolina Albies

Carolina Albies from Tyler Atkins on Vimeo.
from Tyler Atkins and Christine Penn who Spent a day fly fishing for false albacore off Cape Lookout with Capt. Sarah Gardner

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Films: Kind of a big deal.

I was searching the internet for steelhead films with eats on top. Low and behold I found this little gem. Some sweet Steel action of fish rolling and diving for top water action! Time to plan a trip, wouldn't ya say... Schhwwinggg!

kind of a big deal from Ryan Peterson on Vimeo.
So to date I’ve spent about 20 days skating dry flies for summer-run steelhead on the North Umpqua River. In June of 2007 I rose one fish. That’s all the action I’ve had. For all my non-steelhead fishing friends, you should know that while this may sound like a masochistic endeavor, it isn’t. Or maybe it is… I don’t know. Anyway, there is something incredibly important hidden in a fishless day spent on the North Umpqua.   To raise a steelhead on a dry is one thing, but to get footage of it is kind of a big deal. Look closely at the seemingly blank swings in the last half. On three separate casts fish visibly dart to the fly and turn away without breaking the surface. If I hadn't had the vertical perspective, we never would have noticed. Getting to see this behavior provides no extra clue as to what the steelhead is thinking.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Films: Warriors and Quiet Waters

Warriors Find Solace in Fly Fishing (WQW Program Highlights) from eli weiner on Vimeo.

Check out warriorsandquietwaters.org They have a great program and it needs your attention. Their mission is to help reintegrate traumatically combat-injured U.S. veterans and active service members from recent wars into society by building hope and resilience, facilitating camaraderie, and providing security and serenity through fly fishing and other high quality therapeutic recreational mediums in southwest Montana. Help a new generation of traumatically injured combat veterans successfully reintegrates into society.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Films: Salmon Run

Salmon Run - Finnmark from Juuso Syrjä on Vimeo.
Normally salmon run means: "The salmon run is the time when salmon, which have migrated from the ocean, swim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel beds."
In Finnmark it means that fly fisher is running after the salmon for over 1 kilometer of rapids.

Fly fisher Jasper Pääkkönen had epic salmon run at Finnmark in August 2014 with #6 rod. By the time the camera went on it's obvious that the fisherman was more exhausted than the fish after a little swim and a 400 meter sprint in knee deep water - both of which there were more to come...

Music: "Love Is All" - The Tallest Man On Earth.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Films: Stripped Down, The Brown Trout Project

Stripped Down - The Brown Trout Project Trailer from JensenFlyFishing on Vimeo.

For the past 13 years, we've been filming brown trout. Engaging in some of the more interesting browns, we've learned an immense amount about brown trout, their behaviour, their tendencies, how they interact with their environment and what it takes to catch them consistently. We've literally spent an average of 150 to 175 days a year doing nothing else as we've fly fished the province of Alberta, Canada, the south island of New Zealand, and touched on a few waters of Montana in the USA. This film is a compilation of some of our favourite moments engaged with brown trout and highlites much of what we've learned along the way. PLEASE NOTE! This video is the trailer for our Video On Demand "Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project" which is available now: vimeo.com/ondemand/browntrout

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Films: Arcticsilver

ARCTICSILVER IF4 2014 from ArcticSilver Innovation on Vimeo. We’re extremely pleased to announce that – among a select few, this film was chosen to be a part of the recent IF4 Tour in North America. The international Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is the fastest growing fly fishing event globally and continues to realize significant market share gains within the North American marketplace. It is the only fly fishing film event south of the equator with events held in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the IF4 team, Fly Fusion Magazine (Chris Bird), and Vantage Point Media House (Nick Pujic) for making this possible. The film has been seen by thousands of people in North America and – among other places – it has played in New York, Atlanta, Denver, Santa Cruz, Vancouver, Calgary, and Seattle. Thank you Harald Nylinder and Mikkel Poppelhøj, for beautifully conveying your magic moments in the Arctic realm – fly rod in hand. Harald Nylinder, you deserve lots of cred for playing your guitar and eminently singing your emotional song on the Greenland mid-summer tundra. Last but not least, a big thank you to CA, who did the filming and editing. // Please feel free to share the film with likeminded fly fishermen.